Many insect species thrive in the warm climate of North Carolina, and termites are the most destructive of the bunch. If you live in Asheville or the surrounding area and are dealing with a termite infestation, Gibson Pest Control can help. Our technicians are state-certified pest control experts and have plenty of experience with these troublesome insects.
Termite Swarms in Buncombe County

Once termite colonies mature, they begin producing swarms of winged adults called alates. These swarms seek out locations with plentiful sources of food. Once a suitable location is found, the alates begin reproducing to create a colony of their own. Due to the warm weather, termites in North Carolina are typically able to swarm from late winter until October. If you see a termite swarm inside your home, the alates have most likely chosen the area as a new nesting ground.

Damage Caused by Termites

Once they have chosen your property as their new home, the alates will immediately begin breeding. Termites lay eggs at an impressive rate, and each queen can produce hundreds of thousands of offspring in its lifetime. The average nest houses around 300,000 workers, and the largest colonies number in the millions. Termites nourish themselves by digesting a structural compound found in wood and other plant matter. Termite workers never stop foraging, and their feeding can cause severe damage to the construction timbers and other wooden components found in homes.

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If you notice signs of an infestation on your property, contact Gibson for a free quote. We can locate the termites’ nesting and feeding areas and fully eliminate the insects and their eggs. We can also treat your property to prevent future infestations.