How Ant Colonies React in Colder Weather

Ants are one of the worlds most common pests. They can be found all over the globe and cause trouble every place they go. However, what do they do during the winter? Do they leave us alone and burrow deeper underground or do they become even more aggressive as they try and use our homes for shelter? Here’s how ant colonies behave when the weather cools down. Some Ant Biology Ants are cold-blooded creatures, which means that they cannot regulate their own body temperature and require external heat sources to do it for them. Ants need to maintain a body...
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Cockroaches and How They Affect Your Health

A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, even if 30 of those minutes are underwater. This is just one of the many dangerous situations they can survive. Their tenacity paired with their ability to cause illness makes them a pest you want to avoid. Cockroaches bring a lot more to the table than simply pestering. How Cockroaches Can Cause Health Issues There are a myriad of problems that they can bring to your family, from allergies to diseases they carry. Allergies. Just like any pest, cockroaches leave behind feces, saliva, eggs, or even parts of their bodies that...
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5 Ways to Prepare for a Pest Control Treatment

So, you scheduled an exterminator for your pest problem . Now what? Calling a professional pest control company is not enough. You need to prepare for the visit. What do you have to do before the exterminator visits? Read below to find out. 5 Steps to Prepare for Treatment If you want to maximize the effectiveness of an exterminator, it is imperative to follow these five steps: Step One: Clean your house thoroughly before the exterminator arrives. This makes it easier for the exterminator to get straight to the problem. This includes: Wiping down all surfaces and baseboards. Scrubbing floors...
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10 Fascinating Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most unusual creatures on this earth. While you should not want them around in the home, there are various interesting facts about them and their history. Here are ten mind-boggling things that you might not have known about cockroaches. 1. Cockroaches Can Eat Almost Anything From human food to pet food, from dead insects to feces, anything can be food to cockroaches, though they love sugar the most. 2. Cockroaches Can Live for Weeks Without Food Like reptiles and snakes, cockroaches are cold-blooded creatures. Cold-blooded animals can keep their metabolism low and not eat for...
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Three Ways To Prevent Ants

When people think of home infestations to fear, they usually think of termites or roaches first. However, there are plenty of reasons why an ant infestation is also something to worry about. They might not damage your home or prevent as much of a health risk but spotting a line of ants as they make their way through your home to the outside is still enough to creep out just about anyone! And if those ants bite, then you have a bigger problem. Because they’re so small, many people think that it’s impossible to prevent ants from getting in their...
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How to Identify a Termite Infestation

Having termites in or around the house is an issue no homeowner wants to experience. But, it is also an issue that no one wants to ignore either. So, if you suspect that you may have a termite infestation , it is crucial that you take action rather than ignore the situation. Your first step, though, is to identify that you have an infestation. Here are some easy ways to help you out with that task: Finding Swarmers or Discarded Wings Swarmers are young termites with wings. They discard their wings near window sills and doors, typically in the spring....
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The Spiders You Need to Know About

There are 3,000 species of spiders in North America. While plenty of people are fearful of spiders in general, the truth is that most do not pose a real threat to humans. However, there are a few you need to be able to identify in order to assess your risk of being bitten. The following spiders vary in dangerousness but are important to learn about, nonetheless. Southern Black Widow We are all familiar with the black widow spider as one of the more dangerous kinds found in America. As its name suggests, it has a black body. More importantly, it...
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Ant Control in Warmer Months

Believe it or not, winter will come to an end soon and warm months will descend upon us. Although there is a lot to love about the warmer weather, there is one downfall: ants . As the thermometer climbs, so does the presence of these pesky and unwelcome bugs. It is practically inevitable that once they come out of hiding, they will invade your yard and house. But, you can take some proactive steps to stop them before they become a problem. Here are some easy ways to control ants in the warmer months. Create a Barrier Create a border...
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Pests Around the House-Common Bugs in the Bedroom

Everyone knows that when pests invade the bedroom, it can quickly turn into an emergency. After all, your bedroom is the place that you go to unwind and relax after a hard day of work. If that peace is disrupted by uninvited guests, it can be pretty disturbing. If you find yourself struggling with pests that have invaded your bedroom, Gibson Pest Control. Our technicians can respond quickly to your concerns and help you restore peace to your home. It’s a service we’re proud to supply to our customers. If you’re waking up with random bites or skin rashes but...
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Can You Eradicate Cockroaches From Your Home?

More than likely, you’ve heard that if you see one roach, you likely have many more hidden in your walls and crawl spaces. If you have an infestation, you might be asking yourself, “Can I eradicate cockroaches from my home?” The good news is that with some diligent North Carolina home remedies and some help from the professionals at Gibson Pest Control, your roach problem will be gone in no time at all. Remove Food Sources Roaches love food and will eat just about anything, so be sure that kitchen crumbs, oven grease and food bits in the dishwasher, sink...
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How Pests Can Destroy Your Home

You may not see it, but your home is constantly under siege from pesky pests that can do real damage to your home. Homeowners should arm themselves with information about the top pests that can damage your home. Termites Termites definitely top the list for good reason. They are often silent and unseen killers that can do extensive damage to your home before you know it. Termites love rotting wood and other cellulose-based materials which are prominent in your home, making your house the perfect munching ground. Experts from the National Pest Management Association have estimated that termites cause $5...
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How Rodents Can Affect Your Family's Health

How rodents can affect your family's health A rodent infestation in your home is a large problem with many ramifications. Not only is it gross, but it can affect your family's health in a variety of ways. It's important to take care of this kind of problem quickly, so you and family members don't get sick. They carry disease directly. A variety of diseases can be transmitted from rodents through contamination of your food and water, by leaving droppings or biting or scratching you directly. Because of how quickly they reproduce, they can be a big problem and the number...
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Top 5 Scariest Looking Spiders

Even though many spiders look scary, scientific data shows that spiders do not habitually attack and bite people . Plus, spiders are fascinating creatures that weave webs and eat various types of insects. Here is a list of the top five scariest looking spiders: 1. Wolf Spiders Similar to wolves, wolf spiders (lycosids), hunt their prey. Wolf spiders have eight legs and lurk in concealed places while waiting to catch their prey. A wolf spider also has eight eyes rendering the creature with excellent vision. Contrary to popular belief, wolf spiders are not tarantulas even though the spiders have similar...
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How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem

If you see a cockroach in your home , you’re likely to have more. Sometimes, a single cockroach will sneak in the front door. However, they’re social creatures, and they tend to travel in groups. One cockroach will release pheromones that attract others to the same location. There are a few ways to identify whether you have an infestation and the extent of the problem. Seeing Roaches During The Day Cockroaches are nocturnal. They prefer to hang out in dark locations. If you have a minor cockroach problem, you might only see the insects when you turn on the lights...
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How Do Ants Enter Your Home?

Witnessing ants crawling on the countertop in your kitchen is an unpleasant experience. At first, you think the little brown or black insects are crumbs only to realize that the so-called crumbs are moving to and fro. Ants are tiny creatures. Consequently, they easily find ways to enter your home. Plus, ants have existed for millions of years, which perhaps gives them some sort of cosmic sixth sense about how to find entry points into your home. It almost seems as though they magically appear, disappear and reappear without a logical explanation. Ants may Live in the Ground Beneath the...
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Keeping Pests Out of Your Fourth of July Party

During the warm and sunny months of summer, many people plan to have a Fourth of July party so that they can have fun with friends and family. They put a lot of thought into it and do their best to host an event that their guests will remember for years to come, grilling food, setting up games and serving tasty drinks. Sadly, they sometimes overlook the importance of preparing for ants, stinging insects and other pests that could crash their party. If you would like to protect yourself from common invaders, the following guide will show you where to...
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How Similar Are Termites and Cockroaches?

Although they look and act different, termites and cockroaches are quite similar. There are a few physical characteristics that are shared between the two pests. Both insects seek shelter, often inside the home, to find food and water. There are a few species of cockroaches that thrive on wood, and termites enjoy wood as well. A cockroach will sometimes make a meal on only wood, digesting it in a manner that delivers nutrients to its body. Termites often make their homes in wood and will devour the material from the inside out, leaving a shell that is unstable. When the...
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How to Have a Pest-Free Summer Picnic

Picnics are a welcome sight after the cold months. Sitting in the sun and enjoying good food melts away the winter blues and reinvigorates you for the summer. Unfortunately, the welcoming heat also wakes up the insects in time to ruin your picnic and outdoor adventures. If you want to avoid pests during your outdoor meal, it's best to plan ahead. 3 Tips for a Pest-Free Picnic Bring Along Some Bug Repellent Mosquitoes and other biting insects come out in the summer and make life miserable for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. If you're picnicking, a mosquito infestation will...
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Fun Facts About Termites

Termites are often described as a homeowner's worst nightmare. While you may not want them invading your neighborhood, they are fascinating insects. If you are unconvinced, just consider these fun facts about termites. Remember When Humans have been around for more than four million years, but people are evolutionary whippersnappers when compared to termites. Scientists believe the first termites appeared more than 250 million years ago. They predate even dinosaurs. A Family Resemblance? Like ants, termites are social insects that live in large colonies and have assigned roles and tasks. They even physically resemble ants, but don't let their looks...
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How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Spring Break

If you celebrate spring break by traveling to destinations with comfortable temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and beaches, then you’ll need to pack your warm weather attire. When the time comes to repack your clothes and other items to return home, sometimes unwanted visitors return home with you. Bed bugs are famous for this. Here are a few ways to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you from spring break. Know the Signs of Bed Bugs When bed bugs move into an interior space, they’ll leave behind signs that they’re there. Bed bug signs include reddish, brown streaks on the bed...
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