At Gibson Pest Control, we deal with spider infestations on a regular basis. Because a number of arachnid species are quite venomous, property owners should always seek help from the experts. Most species spin webs in attics, garages, and basements. By spraying special insecticides in affected areas, we can eliminate large spider populations rather efficiently.

Spiders are usually attracted to houses with high levels of humidity. They can enter the home through broken screens, unsecured doors, and defunct vents. Once inside, spiders quickly weave intricate webs, which they use to catch their prey. Venomous spiders, in fact, can be especially harmful to humans and pets. In addition to causing allergic reactions, spider bites can send people to the hospital. As professional exterminators, we can find and eliminate spider populations before the critters cause serious injury to household residents.

Even if a certain spider species is deemed to be harmless, most homeowners will still want the arachnids removed from the house. In the worst infestations, webs will begin to intrude on household objects, especially in storage areas. With specialized tools, we can eliminate the webs without damaging the infrastructure of the house. Sac spiders and house spiders, for example, are both attracted to dark, moist areas. If individuals notice egg sacs or webs near window sills, doors, shelving units, or support beams, an infestation is likely underway.

We will generally use a number of techniques to eliminate spiders. Liquid insecticides and glue traps are both possibilities. Once we have an idea of what we are up against, we’ll develop and implement a viable plan of action. Individuals in the region should contact Gibson Pest Control for a free quote.