Montreat, NC, is not too far from the museums, galleries, music festivals, and other attractions that Asheville has to offer, and it’s surrounded by mountains with plenty of hiking and bike trails. Besides, Pisgah National Forest is only a short drive away. As for the climate, it’s quite mild with some high humidity levels during the summer. This does, unfortunately, make the city a prime target for pests.

Some pests, such as rodents, will try to find shelter in your home or business during the winter. Others, such as subterranean termites, will be attracted to any moist wood lying above ground. The damage that pests can cause, whether property-related or agricultural, should not be underestimated. Health issues can arise from contact with certain pests, too. Rather than treat an infestation yourself, then, hire the professionals at Gibson Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control

We know that your family’s health is the number one priority. Fortunately, we’re one of those pest control companies that, rather than indiscriminately spraying pesticides, relies on integrated pest management. IPM methods take into account a pest’s life cycle and interactions with the environment. So, for example, our technicians may start by removing weeds and excess foliage growing close to your home. They may use baits and traps to kill off the pests. Mating disruption chemicals may come into play to control the spread of the pests.

It all starts with a detailed inspection of your home. We’ll determine the size of the infestation and, depending on that, set up a one-time visit, quarterly visits, or monthly visits. We’re also available for immediate service in case of emergencies.

Commercial Pest Control

Let’s say that you own a commercial building like a motel, warehouse, restaurant, or medical center. The same health concerns are present, but you also wish to be tactful in having us over because you don’t want your company’s image to be tarnished or your employees to be alarmed. Rest assured because we have a flexible appointment schedule.

Our technicians use the same IPM methods for commercial properties as for residential. Natural pesticides from the world-renowned EcoSMART Technologies are among the tools of our trade. We carry EPA-approved termiticides as well.

Let Gibson Pest remove the following from your property:

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Established in 1973 and still serving the people of Montreat with distinction, Gibson Pest Control is ready to provide you with expert pest control. Our technicians are friendly people and always take customers’ unique needs into account; it’s the kind of service you expect from a family-run business.

For your inspection and a free quote, contact us today.