Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests, but the appearance of a cockroach makes many people squirm. These adaptable creepy crawlers can persist in a variety of environments. Fortunately, our pest control specialists at Gibson Pest Control are knowledgeable about cockroach species and appropriate cockroach control.

Thousands of insects around the world are described as cockroaches, but only 50 of those species reside in the United States. These highly adaptable pests are descended from one of the oldest groups of insects. Cockroaches are attracted to homes due to the presence of warmth, food sources, water, and ideal nesting sites.

Cockroaches tend to have winged bodies that are long and flattened. The head is small and topped with long antennae. These insects possess six jointed legs that are equipped with small claws.

Human health can be a huge motivating factor in the decision to eliminate cockroaches from a home. Cockroaches can irritate residents who have asthma or allergies. Dead cockroaches, cockroach skins, and other debris generated by the pests can lead to aggravation.

Cockroaches can cause damage to homes. For these pests, nesting is a major endeavor, and the resulting nests can cause damage and discoloration to the home structure and personal belongings.

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At Gibson Pest Control, we understand your desire to have a cockroach-free home. Cockroaches are natural survivors, and many store bought pesticides are starting to lose effectiveness against cockroach invaders. Additionally, the eggs of many cockroach species are resilient, so store bought chemicals will not penetrate the egg casing. Professional intervention is the most effective method of controlling cockroach populations. Call us for a free quote.