Termites, ants and cockroaches can become a serious problem in your North Caroline home. If you’re not already familiar with the big three, here is a brief overview of the chaos they can create.

The Destructive Termite

Termites are small and are sometimes described as white ants. Species vary in appearance, but light-colored, semi-translucent bodies and straight antennae are typical. You will find termites in damp, dark places where they typically feed on wood and other cellulose materials. They often enter when damp materials are stored near your house. Because they feed on wood, termites can cause extensive structural damage to your home.

The Irritating Ant

Almost everyone recognizes the small, segmented bodies of ants. Many species are black, but fire ants are reddish in color. If you find one ant, more are sure to follow. They regularly seek out food and water sources by sending scouts. Common ants may stream into homes and infiltrate available food sources. Fire ants can deliver painful stings.

The Dreaded Cockroach

Cockroach species vary greatly in size, but all have flat bodies, straight wings and three pairs of jointed legs. They are typically tan to dark brown in color. Roaches are present outdoors and often come inside seeking food; they can flatten their bodies to get through the smallest cracks. Poor sanitation often leads to roach infestation. Roaches contaminate food stores and spread bacteria. Their presence may worsen allergy and asthma symptoms in humans.

Gibson Pest Control Can Tackle the Big Three

At Gibson, our technicians provide exactly what your home or business needs to keep it bug-free. We offer flexible options such as effective quarterly treatments, 24-hour pest control services, one-time treatments and even ECOSmart pest control to help you live a greener life. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us protect your family from unwelcome, disease-carrying insects.