Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter

Pest control is typically thought of as a summer and spring activity. In the winter, people believe, the frigid air takes care of the pest control for us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not only is pest control just as important in the winter as in the other three seasons of the year, but many pests become especially problematic in the colder months.

Here are some reasons why you need pest control in the winter and how to fortify your house this holiday season.

Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter

Instead of the cold driving pests out of our hair for a much appreciated three month break, the cold actually encouraging many pests to seek shelter from the cold inside out homes. Rodents and spiders, for example, are two kinds of pests that invite themselves in for the holidays with or without your approval.

Since rodents are not known for behaving themselves, once inside they will claw at your furniture, forage for food and spread lots and lots of germs. Even pests like termites don’t go away in the winter, they just go dormant as they wait for the weather to warm up and they can continue to devour your house. But while they’re dormant, it actually provides you with an optimal opportunity to strike.

Winter Pest Control Tips

In many ways winter pest control is the same as pest control any other time of the year. Keep your wood stacked at least 20 feet away from your house, fix loose mortar and weather stripping around basement foundations and reduce moisture by fixing leaking pipes and clogged drains.

However, winter pest control has an offensive side to it instead just a defensive one. Take this opportunity to treat wooden beams and boards with termite control to eliminate them before they have a chance to wake up in the spring. Then, when the flowers thaw and revitalize, your termites won’t.

Pest control is a year round process that doesn’t end just because the temperature decreases. However, that doesn’t mean that pest control methods are always the same. Make sure that you apply these winter pest control methods to your house to make sure that it is pest free, hot or cold.

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