Where Do Pests Hide in Your Home?

More times than not, someone will spot a single cockroach in their home and ignore it. 

However, that may not be the right move. 

We aren’t saying that every pest deserves individual attention, but you should acknowledge those cockroaches or whatever else to make sure they aren’t masses of them hiding somewhere else! 

How do you do that? It starts with knowing where to look.  

You see, pests typically enjoy the same types of hiding spots. So those of us at Gibson Pest Control will give you some spots to check out and ensure the pests aren’t pulling a fast one on you, building their numbers.  

Let’s start with number one–  

1. The Pantry

It may not be a surprise, but pests need food and water. They’re more likely to be found lurking in a dark, cool crevice around a food source. Such as the pantry. 

The keyword there is “crevice”. It won’t be easy to spot pests unless the situation is already out of control. Take a flashlight and turn over some boxes, shine it in a crack, wherever you can think. 

That will hopefully turn up some answers. 

2. The Garage

The garage is often one of the most infested places in a home. It’s easily accessible and allows access to the rest of the house. 

On top of that, it often contains food sources too. Maybe a second pantry, birdseed or even trash.

Be aware that you could increase the risk if you use the garage for storage. As you might have guessed, pests love to hide, especially cockroaches, rodents and those boxes are perfect. 

3. Under Sinks

One of the two things that pests need is water. As such, they enjoy setting camp up under a sink or two to sip at any excess moisture. However, that’s not the only reason these spots are so common.

Your pipes have to come from somewhere. Often, that means coming from the wall, leading to a small gap between the pipe and hole, perfect for a pest to squeeze in and find a new hiding spot. 

4. Attic 

The attic is very popular for pest activity. It has minimal human activity, easy access and it provides warm comfort during cold weather. It also has its fair share of clutter in most cases, which gives pests an additional sense of security. 

If you’re looking through these spots and you find some invaders, you shouldn’t waste any more time. The longer you let them stay, the more they multiply, and it’s scary quick. 

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