How Fast Can a Termite Infestation Spread?

Let’s carry out the math. A mature termite queen survives for 20-25 yrs. Upon her death, she’ll have laid approximately 1.5 million eggs. Scary right?

We, at Gibson Pest Control, understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free habitat. We perform termite pest control to avert termite infestation. Here’s how to put a stop to termites from damaging your house.

The Termite Menace

A house might be experiencing a termite problem without the owner’s knowledge. When you detect outworn wings and flying objects, then you are in trouble.

A termite infestation occurs very fast and in a quiet manner. Termites don’t sleep and operate 24/7 to multiply their colonies into millions.

One colony can damage approximately one-foot segments within a short time. Just envisage what quadruple the colonies can do! Although a termite problem doesn’t cost exterior structural damage, it causes an inner one.

The tunnels drilled by the termites erode the pillar structures. This can lead to severe destruction and expensive home restorations. A termite problem can also lead to the destruction of your books, cabinets, and furnishings.

Termite Pest Control

Start by purchasing a natural termite-resistant wood. Redwood and cedar are a few of these woods. However, not every part is resistant. Only the bark and heartwood are resistant.

Try out pressure-treated wood since it’s long-lasting and impenetrable to decay and insects. This is wood treated with Copper Boron Azole (CBA) or Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ). Both chemicals are preservatives.

To embed the preservative and form a chemical barrier, pressure and vacuum cycles are used.

Other termite pest control measures include:

  1. Moisture reduction that the termites hang on to survive.
  2. AC units and water pipes repairs.
  3. Soffits, fascia, and rotted roof shingles repairs.
  4. Ensuring that firewood is not stored near the house.
  5. Performing a routine check for bubbling paint, empty-sounding wood, and mud tubes (used by termites to access a food bank).
  6. 18-inch gap maintenance between wood portions in a house and soil.
  7. Keeping an eye on skirting boards, windows, and door frames for differences.
  8. Performing an annual thorough inspection for any signs of termites.
  9. Changing the course of water through splash blocks, gutters, and downspouts.
  10. Replacing wobbly mortar and weather stripping on windows and basement footings.

Winter is coming! Although freezing temperatures are ideal for driving out termites, they hardly go away. However, they become dormant.

As the adage goes, strike when the rod is hot! Take this chance to perform the ten tips mentioned above before the onset of spring. The flowers and vegetation in your backyard garden shouldn’t thaw together with the termites.

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