Protecting Your Deck From Termites

A deck is more than just some big wooden platform behind a home. It is a place of social gathering, a place of excitement, and something that should be cherished by every homeowner. If nothing else, decks should be taken care of due to the sheer cost of putting one together. By the time you factor in wood, labor, stain, and a topcoat, the price adds up. One common enemy a deck faces, however, is termites. These silent killers can wreak plenty of havoc on your home before you even realize it. That especially includes wooden decks. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your deck from termites.

Termite-Resistant Wood

A good place to start when trying to keep termites away from your deck is to buy natural termite-resistant wood. The three most commonly used types are cypress, redwood, and cedar. For best results, use the heartwood of the wood. This contains chemicals that termites tend to stay away from. Additionally, it is the strongest part of the wood, making it tough for termites to get through.

Always Finish The Deck

It is highly recommended that homeowners put a top coat of paint or stain and polyester when installing their deck. This creates a seal on the wood, making it more difficult for termites to get through. Be sure to maintain that coat as well. Polyester and paint both wear down over time, especially in an outdoor area that sees foot traffic.


Termites love areas with moisture. So, simply minimize the moisture in and around your deck. To do this, check for leaks and areas of standing water. If left untreated for too long, areas of high moisture will quickly attract the pests. Fix any issues that create moisture immediately.


Another great way to prevent termites is with pesticides. Spray in and around the deck for the best results. However, be cautious when using pesticides around pets or children, as the chemicals they contain can be dangerous.


Typically we want to take care of things we care about and hold value. A car, for example, should receive routine maintenance to keep it in good shape. Well, a deck works no differently. Neglecting it for long periods will lead to problems. However, staying on top of little issues will lead to a much healthier deck long-term.

Still, Need Help?

A termite issue can quickly become overwhelming. If you find yourself struggling, contact Gibson Pest Control today. They are a family-owned operation that has been around for over 30 years and are more than happy to help you find a solution!