Pests Around the House – Common Bugs in the Bedroom

Everyone knows that when pests invade the bedroom, it can quickly turn into an emergency. After all, your bedroom is the place that you go to unwind and relax after a hard day of work. If that peace is disrupted by uninvited guests, it can be pretty disturbing.

If you find yourself struggling with pests that have invaded your bedroom, Gibson Pest Control. Our technicians can respond quickly to your concerns and help you restore peace to your home. It’s a service we’re proud to supply to our customers.

If you’re waking up with random bites or skin rashes but aren’t quite sure what could be the source of your problem, read on for an overview of the most common pests that can make your bedroom less than pleasant.

Spiders and Bed Bugs

Spiders- typically nocturnal, you likely won’t know that you have a nest of these arachnids until you begin waking up with bites. While most spiders are harmless, a few varieties such as the Brown Recluse can cause serious tissue damage if you suffer a bite. These bites are typically ‘mystery’ bites as the person can’t remember getting bitten, due to the bite being inflicted during sleep. Small, dual pinprick bites are often the only sign of a spider bite.

Bed Bugs-these tiny parasites live in the folds of your mattress or in your bed frame and emerge at night to drink blood from their host. They don’t generally carry a disease risk, but some people can be allergic to the substance they excrete when they bite. Red, raised bites grouped on the lower legs are a hallmark of bedbugs, although the bites can occur anywhere.

Mites, Chiggers, and Fleas

Chiggers- these critters can hike in from anywhere. Known to latch onto pants legs, camping gear and anything that might touch grass, they can quickly cause a lot of misery to their host. Chiggers are tiny, almost invisible insects that burrow under the skin. They can cause rashes, intense itching and allergic reactions in some people. Small red dots with fine lines surrounding them are the tell-tale sign of chiggers.

Fleas- if Fido brings in fleas from the yard, it’s doubly a concern in the bedroom as fleas can find new homes in carpets. When they take up residence, they can be difficult to remove with household vacuums and simply hop on and off of their preferred hosts when they eat. Like bed bugs and chiggers, fleas drink blood. They can carry a potential disease risk, however, with their bites. Flea bites tend to be red, circular-shaped welts found anywhere on the body.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, Gibson Pest Control is here to help. We can both identify the pest and treat your home efficiently, conveniently and thoroughly. Don’t wait another day, give us a call or stop by our website. We’ll be back in touch a.s.a.p.