Mouse in the House: Early Signs of an Infestation

Mice are small, fast and primarily active at night. Despite this, even the early signs of a mouse infestation are easy to spot. That is good news for homeowners because mice cause major problems. Rodents like mice are known to spread a host of diseases, some of which can be fatal. 

They also cause property damage because they chew on everything, including wires, which can increase the risk of a house fire. Finally, they reproduce so quickly that one female can have up to 80 pups a year. The longer you wait to treat a mouse infestation, the worst it gets. Recognizing the early signs of a mouse infestation is essential. 

You Can See Droppings

Mice are not neat animals. Unlike some animals, they do not have designated locations in which they go to the bathroom. That means they defecate everywhere, which is part of why they spread disease so efficiently. Likely places where you will spot mouse droppings include in and around your kitchen cabinets, in your attic, crawl space and near holes in walls. 

Wear proper protective equipment, including a breathing mask when cleaning up mouse droppings to avoid potential contagions. After cleaning the area, wait a day. If there are new droppings present when you return, that means you have a current infestation. 

You Hear Scratching Noises

While mice are not the only creatures that might make a nest in your walls, they are high on the list of suspects if you hear scratching noises at night. The insulation in your walls may keep your home warm, but it also provides a cozy home for mice. 

Walls are perfect nesting spots for them, and they are not content to stay still once they have moved in. Mice are industrious animals. They are always chewing on things, traveling around and working on their nest. Their nighttime activities are what cause the noises you may be hearing. 

It Smells Like Ammonia 

It takes some time for enough urine to accumulate for there to be an overwhelming smell, but if you are getting faint whiffs of ammonia, it is a sign you might have mice. They dribble a little bit of urine everywhere they go, marking their territory and contaminating everything they touch. Like mouse droppings, mouse urine may also carry diseases. In addition, it can cause allergic reactions and worsen asthma. 

Contact a Rodent Exterminator – Gibson Pest Control

The sooner you notice a mouse infestation, the sooner you can treat it. That means less damage to your home and less risk to your family. The experts at Gibson Pest Control know how to get rodents out and keep them out! If you are located near Asheville, North Carolina, and you are worried about pests like mice, contact us today.