How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem

If you see a cockroach in your home, you’re likely to have more. Sometimes, a single cockroach will sneak in the front door. However, they’re social creatures, and they tend to travel in groups. One cockroach will release pheromones that attract others to the same location. There are a few ways to identify whether you have an infestation and the extent of the problem.

Seeing Roaches During The Day

Cockroaches are nocturnal. They prefer to hang out in dark locations. If you have a minor cockroach problem, you might only see the insects when you turn on the lights after the sun has set. Seeing cockroaches during the day means that there are so many hiding in their desirable dark hiding spots that they’re looking for another place to stay.

Spotting Cockroach Excrement

Many people aren’t aware that cockroaches leave behind fecal matter. In large quantities, the waste smells oily or musty.

If you have only a few roaches in your house, you probably won’t notice their poop. Those who have an infestation may find scattered droppings that look like black pepper or coffee grounds. If you notice this or a bad smell, it’s time to call an experienced pest control company.

Finding Cockroach Eggs

One cockroach egg can hold up to 90 nymphs, depending on the species. The female carries this sac, called an ootheca, around with her and deposits it in a hidden spot just before it hatches. If you find an empty ootheca, you probably have several cockroaches crawling around your house.

Some of the most likely places to find an ootheca are in cracks in walls, food waste, piles of paper, areas behind appliances, dark cabinets and pipes. The egg sacs vary in appearance, but they’re usually brown and the size of a small bean.

What Brings Cockroaches Into Your Home?

Even someone with a clean house can have a cockroach problem. The pests are attracted to damp areas because they need water to survive. Leaky pipes, condensation from air conditioners or electronics, moist basements and your pet’s water dish can act as magnets for cockroaches.

While cockroaches love to eat food scraps, they’re not picky. They’ll also eat cardboard, glue, leather and hair. That means that they might want to sneak into those cardboard boxes filled with books that you’ve been storing in your garage.

If you have let your outdoor space become overgrown, it may be harboring more cockroaches than you think. When they have a comfortable place to live right outside of your home, they’re more likely to enter through doorways and cracks in the exterior.

Cleanliness won’t necessarily keep roaches away. If you have found a cockroach, egg sac or droppings, contact Gibson Pest Control so that we can prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.