Regardless of the season, finding out that you have a pest infestation is an unsettling experience. Pests move into homes for different reasons. Some do so for shelter and to gain access to crumb droppings and water while you are the primary food source for others. Seasons play a part in what pests are likely to infest and why. Here are few tips for how to have a pest-free home in every season.

Winter Tips

When the temperature drops in the winter, mice and rats may start searching for a warm place to live. To prevent their entry, seal your home. Search for gaps, holes or cracks along your home's exterior. Doors, windows, piping and exterior venting are the most likely places for pest entry points to develop. Also, consider contacting a professional pest control company to complete a thorough entry point search.

Spring Tips

Other types of pests start to come out in the spring. Many of these pests are on the lookout for a good place to begin their new colonies. These types of critters may include flies, ants and stinging insects. Colony-based pests can be a problem for you because not only is it unpleasant to share a home with them, but they may also contaminate your food sources. Some pests like carpenter ants and termites even put your home at risk by damaging its foundation. To dissuade spring pests from infesting your home, keep your food sealed and put away. In addition, make sure that there is no rotting or dead wood in your yard. It's also a good idea to keep bushes and other types of foliage trimmed.

Summer Tips

When the warm summer months arrive and you want to spend more time outside, you may inadvertently bring pests back inside with you. Ticks, fleas and stinging insects are common pest problems in the summer. To keep your home pest-free when it's warm, treat your pets with tick and flea medicine. Also, repair broken doors or cracks in windows. This step will keep flying insects from getting inside your home.

Fall Tips

The fall months tend to bring chillier temperatures, and this causes insects to look for shelter. Box elder bugs and stink bugs are a few creepy crawlies that are likely to infest your home in the fall. Stop them from becoming a problem by keeping your landscaping trimmed away from the exterior of your home. This will make your home less appealing. It will also make it harder for them to gain entry into your home.

When an Infestation Gets Past Your Prevention Efforts

While these tips can prevent a pest infestation throughout the year, be sure to hire a pest professional like Gibson Pest Control if pests are able to get past your prevention efforts. Expert technicians have the training and equipment to get rid of an infestation quickly and thoroughly.