How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Spring Break

If you celebrate spring break by traveling to destinations with comfortable temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and beaches, then you’ll need to pack your warm weather attire. When the time comes to repack your clothes and other items to return home, sometimes unwanted visitors return home with you. Bed bugs are famous for this. Here are a few ways to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you from spring break.

Know the Signs of Bed Bugs

When bed bugs move into an interior space, they’ll leave behind signs that they’re there. Bed bug signs include reddish, brown streaks on the bed linens or beneath the mattress, shed skins and live bug sightings.

Read Hotel Reviews

Before booking your hotel, read the reviews about the ones you’re considering. If guests are posting about pest problems, make your reservations at a different hotel. For the hospitality industry, bed bugs are a common nuisance, one that they know how to manage. So, if a bed bug report from a guest is several years old and no new ones have shown up, then it’s probably safe to stay there. But, when you arrive, take precautions by checking the furniture, storing your bags properly and managing your dirty clothes.

Inspect Your Hotel Room’s Furnishings

Don’t unpack until you’ve inspected your accommodations for pests. Look for bed bugs and the signs of them on and around the mattresses. Take a few minutes to lift the mattresses and peek under the covers. If your room includes a chair, couch or ottoman, then also check these furnishings for pests.

Store Bags the Right Way

How you store your bags can be the difference between taking home bed bugs and leaving your hotel without them. Upon your arrival, set your suitcase on a luggage rack and leave it there for the duration of your stay. If your hotel doesn’t provide luggage racks, then store your bags on a tile floor or in the bathtub at night because the bugs are unable to navigate this type of surface as easily as they can others.

Managing Your Laundry

Place your dirty laundry in sealable garbage bags. There are studies showing that the pests are attracted to dirty clothes, so take particular care to store them properly. Keep things like electronics, reading material and skincare products as protected as possible.

Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

Whenever you travel, take a few minutes to search for bed bugs in your room away from home. Doing so could save you money and grief down the road. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, don’t delay. Be sure to contact a professional pest control company for an inspection. Companies like Gibson Pest Control can exterminate any pest problem quickly and thoroughly.