How the Pandemic Affects Pest Control

As many businesses close due to the pandemic, pests remain hard at work. Pests destroy property and contaminate anything they come in contact with. Bugs and rodents carry diseases which result in increased hospital visits each year. The arrival of COVID-19 brings awareness to the effects that pests impose on the health of individuals. The good news is that the pest control industry remains up and running. In these uncertain times, safety is a high priority. As a response to the pandemic, pest control is an essential service. Workers are responsible for maintaining facilities by sanitizing and minimizing threats of pest-borne illnesses.

Pest Control and Staying at Home

With more people staying at home, it is important that pests stay out. The smallest crack is all it takes for bugs and rodents to wreak havoc. Here are five signs of a pest infestation:

  1. Unexplained Property Damage
  2. Pest Droppings
  3. Nests
  4. Pungent Smells
  5. Unusual Sounds 

Businesses and Pest Control 

As we adjust to a new set of circumstances, so are pests. They are on the constant hunt for new sources of food. What better place than an unoccupied business to become a target. Restaurant owners face damaged, contaminated foods. Rats chew on electric cables, which can result in a fire. To protect the reputation and operation of your business, hire a pest control company that gets the job done.

Response to the Pandemic

The pest control industry continues to make an effort on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic to customers. Companies are implementing safety practices by maintaining social distancing. It is a requirement that employees report if they are feeling ill. The same rule applies to customers. Companies ask that customers call in advance to notify if anyone in the household is sick. Technicians will provide service on the exterior parts of the building, ensuring there is no personal contact. For services done inside, technicians will wear personal protective equipment. Health and safety remains a top priority as pest control services operate during the pandemic.

What to Do Next

In these uncertain times, you want to find a company that is trustworthy and delivers excellent service. Settling for any pest control company should not be the answer. Family owned and operated since 1979, Gibson Pest Control provides full assessments to remove all your pest troubles. Call a company you can rely on, contact Gibson Pest Control today!