How Similar Are Termites and Cockroaches?

Although they look and act different, termites and cockroaches are quite similar. There are a few physical characteristics that are shared between the two pests. Both insects seek shelter, often inside the home, to find food and water. There are a few species of cockroaches that thrive on wood, and termites enjoy wood as well. A cockroach will sometimes make a meal on only wood, digesting it in a manner that delivers nutrients to its body. Termites often make their homes in wood and will devour the material from the inside out, leaving a shell that is unstable. When the shell is left behind, this is usually when you notice that there are termites present as furnishings begin to fall apart and walls begin to weaken.

Some termites have the same body structure as a cockroach with a slender abdomen and larger head. There are cockroaches and termites that fly while most walk on the floor or walls to reach their destinations. Cockroaches and termites usually lay eggs in large batches. This means that a large number of both types of insects will hatch at one time, infesting the home very quickly. There are some cockroaches and termites that lay eggs in individual cases instead of in large groups, but the young of each type of insect will quickly develop into an adult and reproduce in just a matter of months.

Termites and cockroaches tend to make tunnels in wood if they are outside. You can often see the tunnels that are created by termites, especially if they have made tunnels in bricks or cement blocks. Cockroaches don't create tunnels that are quite as evident as they tend to hide more than termites, but you can sometimes see tunnels in the ground with larger cockroaches or if there are numerous insects in one colony. Some cockroaches have wings that they bite off after they become adults. There are termites that have wings as well. When these termites mate, the wings fall off. Sometimes, if the termites encounter a warm environment, the wings will fall off as well. The termite will usually die when it's in a warmer environment.

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