Common Pests That Threaten Your Business or Commercial Building

Your business or commercial property provides a livelihood for you, your family and your employees. It is the place where your team invests their time and talents and launches their dreams.

Don’t leave your investment vulnerable to the destruction of common pests. Learn how to guard your business against these menacing threats by identifying the most common pests.

Bed Bugs and Cockroaches

Both bed bugs and cockroaches threaten to destroy the cleanliness, health and prestige of your establishment. Once you have spotted one bug, you already have a significant problem that demands immediate attention. Each female lays hundreds of eggs within her lifespan.

The likelihood of exponential growth and a resulting blow to your business is undeniable. Ongoing maintenance is mandatory to stop them in their tracks.


Flies easily access any business or commercial building by quickly entering open doors throughout the day. They are attracted to either food or waste products that naturally accumulate within a company.

Once they obtain access, they quickly lay eggs and take up residence. They are a threat to the sanitation of the building and quickly contaminate any food supply.


Rodents are naturally alerted by human activity. They share the same common needs as people: warmth, food, water and a place to congregate. Rodents are experts at using multiple points of entry, from cracks in foundations to open water pipes.

Once they make their way into a business, they go to their destructive work of chewing through wood, wiring and storage boxes. Rodents wreak havoc on structures and valuable resources within a short time.

No matter the purpose of your business, you must make the elimination of pests a top priority. You will deal with pests, either preventively or in wasted resources devoted to clean-up and repair.

Consider this: One failed health inspection due to evidence of an insect or rodent infestation causes devastating damage to your reputation. You can’t afford to let that happen.

Invest in protecting your business from the threat of destructive pests. Call on the professionals at Gibson Pest Control. We have extensive knowledge of the most common pests of our beautiful North Carolina region.

We can help you safely control any pest problems and keep your business running smoothly. Call for an appointment with Gibson Pest Control today.