Can You Eradicate Cockroaches From Your Home?

More than likely, you’ve heard that if you see one roach, you likely have many more hidden in your walls and crawl spaces. If you have an infestation, you might be asking yourself, “Can I eradicate cockroaches from my home?”

The good news is that with some diligent North Carolina home remedies and some help from the professionals at Gibson Pest Control, your roach problem will be gone in no time at all.

Remove Food Sources

Roaches love food and will eat just about anything, so be sure that kitchen crumbs, oven grease and food bits in the dishwasher, sink or garbage disposal are removed from the home. Wipe sticky jam jars and juice bottles, and be sure all meat juices are cleaned from food preparation surfaces.

Take everything out of your pantry and wipe down shelves and cabinets, being sure to clean up any spilled food. Seal foods like grains, crackers, rice, baking ingredients like flour and other foods in plastic bags or sealed containers so roaches can’t get in.

Vacuum and sweep all floor surfaces — particularly under kitchen cabinets – to remove food particles. If you’ve been eating crackers in bed, make sure to change your bed linens, too.

Plastic Bags and Water

Surprisingly, roaches and roach eggs come into your home via plastic store bags or cardboard boxes, so be sure to discard or recycle packaging rather than storing it in your home or garage.

Roaches love water. Make sure your sinks are free of leaks. Don’t leave standing water in your dishwasher or sinks. Roaches can use pet water bowls as water sources, so many pet owners will pick those bowls up at night when roaches come out.

Seal Holes

Walk around your home on the outside and inside and seal up any holes you may have in windowsills, doorways or walls. Roaches are masters at squeezing through even the tiniest of spots. Many homeowners find holes around plumbing and sinks, so be sure to seal those with caulk. Use weather stripping to seal doors and windows.

Maintain Your Home

Once you do all this deep cleaning, maintain your North Carolina home with regular cleaning. Don’t let trash pile up, and store outdoor trash bins away from your home.

Be sure to have regular pest control treatments from Gibson to prevent roach infestations. We will come out and do a thorough inspection, then stop roaches in their tracks. We guarantee it, so contact Gibson today! today.