Where Ants May Be Entering Your Home

Finding ants in your home is never good, whether it’s a few lone pests running around, or a line of ants running across the kitchen floor and outside. Finding those insects in your home automatically makes you wonder where they are getting in. When it comes to an invader as tiny and relentless as the ant, you may be surprised at just how easy it is for them to get in. Here’s where those critters might be infesting your home.

Cracks and Gaps in the Walls

No matter how tightly built your house may have been at one point, it likely has settled over the years. This settling often leads to tiny cracks forming in your walls. In most cases, these cracks are too small for a human to notice —  but they’re not too small for an ant! These little guys can squirm their way through the smallest openings, which gives them access to your home.


Probably nowhere in your house is more susceptible to outside gaps than your windows. They are openings to the outside world, and it does not take much for an ant to get through them. Leaving them open, poor installation and the natural gaps in the window frame that happen over time are just some of the ways ants can use windows to their advantage.


While most houses are built on a solid foundation, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, foundations settle or shift due to natural phenomenon such as minor earthquakes or unstable earth. In these cases, cracks might form in the very foundation of your home. These cracks are another way ants can find an entry point to your house.

Being Carried In

Sometimes, ants get in your home more through dumb luck than anything else. They might hitch a ride in on a child’s toy or an article of clothing. In these cases, if they can get away before being caught, they might be able to set up a place of their own and live inside your home. In some cases, it can lead to colonies of ants forming inside, growing larger and larger until you finally find them.

Regardless of how the ants are getting in, the main goal is to get rid of them and prevent them from ever coming back. To accomplish this goal, you need professional help. Gibson Pest Control can help! Our fully certified and trained staff can help ensure your home is ant-free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.