10 Fascinating Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most unusual creatures on this earth. While you should not want them around in the home, there are various interesting facts about them and their history. Here are ten mind-boggling things that you might not have known about cockroaches.

1. Cockroaches Can Eat Almost Anything

From human food to pet food, from dead insects to feces, anything can be food to cockroaches, though they love sugar the most.

2. Cockroaches Can Live for Weeks Without Food

Like reptiles and snakes, cockroaches are cold-blooded creatures. Cold-blooded animals can keep their metabolism low and not eat for a long period of time.

3. Cockroaches Can Be Kept as Pets

Some people from around the world love cockroaches as pets, like the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, due to the minimal care and lack of odor.

4. One Species of Cockroach Can Jump

The Leaproach was first discovered in South Africa in 2009, with a body built like a grasshopper, which gives them the ability to jump in tall grass.

5. Only Three Species of Cockroach Enter Homes for Food

Of the 5000 different species of cockroach, only the American, Oriental and German cockroaches are considered pests you need to worry about.

6. Cockroaches Intentionally Leave Chemicals in Their Feces

Cockroaches leave these chemicals for other cockroaches to detect, usually because they have found an abundant source of food or to create a swarm.

7. Baby Cockroaches Can Be Microscopic

Baby cockroaches are known to be as large as a grain of salt, but they can also move just as fast as a fully-grown cockroach.

8. The American Cockroach Is A Fan of Beer

This species of cockroach is drawn to beer primarily due to the sugars found in alcoholic beverages.

9. Cockroaches Can Survive Atomic Explosions

While you may have heard about how cockroaches can survive almost anything, we aren’t even joking. Atomic bombs throughout history have not once stopped cockroaches in Chernobyl, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

10. Cockroaches Have Been Around For 280 Million Years

Cockroaches have existed longer than dinosaurs and are sure to outlast humans as well.

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