Waterfalls, winding rivers, rocky cliffs and impossibly beautiful scenic views — Bat Cave, NC is just one step short of paradise. Part of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, it is but a stone’s throw from nearby Chimney Rock State Park, the breathtaking Hickory Nut Gorge, not to mention an array of lakefront dining choices in neighboring Lake Lure. Indeed, Bat Cave has planted its very own welcome sign on the Great Outdoors.

Outdoorsy as we may be, however, not everything from the “Great Outdoors” is welcome inside our homes and places of business. We don’t roll out the red carpet for termites, stink bugs, spiders, ants, or rodents. Unfortunately, there may be times when these pests come inside uninvited. That’s when you need to call on Gibson Pest Control, the best Bat Cave Pest Control company around.

Residential Pest Control in Bat Cave

Few pests generate more concern for homeowners than termites and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants tunnel into the wood in our homes, and termites make it a feast. Both can cause severe structural damage. Stink bugs, on the other hand, may be harmless to our homes, but, as the name suggests, they stink.

No one wants them inside. Be it granular products, liquids, baits, or eco-friendly botanical treatments, we at Gibson, your licensed and insured residential pest control company, have the right solutions for eliminating any and all pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control for Bat Cave Businesses

Uninvited pests are no more welcome at your place of business than they are at home. Ants, spiders, or even vermin can create a negative impression of your business, not to mention serious health hazards. It’s why finding a reputable commercial pest control company is so important.

At Gibson Pest Control our trained, professional technicians will assess your situation and provide monthly integrated pest management services to control and eliminate even your worst intruders.

Pests We Service in Bat Cave

As a family-owned and operated pest management company serving the Western, North Carolina region, we at Gibson Pest Control have been eliminating homes and businesses of pests like these for over thirty years:

Why Choose Gibson?

When you choose Gibson Pest Control, your Bat Cave pest control experts, we’ll treat your home so you’ll never again have to worry about pests dropping in uninvited.

If you’re in need of qualified, reliable residential pest control services or commercial pest control, Gibson is your pest management company right next door in Asheville. And we’re ready to help. Give us a call today for a free quote.