Swannanoa receives plenty of rain and snow each year and has distinct seasons. Although summer is the time when most pests thrive, there are many others that move indoors during the winter. Residents of Swannanoa often report these common pests.


There are several different types of ants in the area. Most are small. When they enter your home, they search for food. Ants may colonize outdoors or behind your walls. In the summer, Argentine ants can be a nuisance. They destroy the ants that are known to eat harmful insects. This means that your garden and lawn may suffer when the harmful insects take over.

Carpenter ants chew through wood in trees, garages, and eaves to make their colonies. They may wind up costing you thousands of dollars in damages. Fire ants will sting humans aggressively, and the venom from their stings causes severe allergic reactions in some people. Any type of ant infestation should be removed promptly.


These pests destroy wood. While some target outdoor trees or piles of wood, others find their way into your home to damage photos, wallpaper, important documents, wood beams and any other wood byproduct. Termite colonies multiply fast and can grow out of control in a matter of weeks. Since these pests often chew wood from the back toward the front, you may not recognize the signs of an infestation until it is extensive.

Tube-like dirt tunnels along your foundation indicate that termites are entering your home. Piles of shed wings indicate a nearby infestation, and a swarm is a sure sign of a serious problem. You may also see bubbled or chewed wood, and some areas where studs are located may sound unusually hollow when you knock on the wall. Never try a DIY removal method for termites. These pests usually survive common DIY methods and find a location to hide that is even harder to find.


German cockroaches are commonly found in local homes. They are about an inch long or smaller. If you see a larger roach that is an inch or longer and has a reddish-brown color, it is probably an American cockroach. While they are more commonly found outdoors, you may also see large black Asian cockroaches in your home. These pests are usually seen in bathrooms or kitchens but will migrate to other rooms in search of food.

Roaches feed on bacteria in sinks or tubs, and they will eat anything from other dead roaches to rotting garbage. When they get into your food supply, they contaminate it with their feces and regurgitated substances. Traps and sprays do not work for killing entire roach colonies. Both methods only kill a few roaches but leave the rest of them to multiply quickly.

Professional Pest Control

Gibson Pest Control can help you eliminate any of these pests and others if you own a home or business in Swannanoa. We have been serving the area since 1979 and have built a reputation for quality affordable service. Our technicians respond promptly to infestations, and we offer regular treatments to prevent pests from invading your space in the future. Please contact us today to learn more about our services or for a free pest control quote.