Enka, NC, is one of the communities surrounding the city of Asheville, so residents don’t have to go far for excitement. There are museums, galleries, and many opportunities for hiking, biking, and rock climbing in Pisgah National Forest. There’s the beautiful climate to enjoy, too: four distinct seasons, though partly cloudy throughout the year, with summers being rather humid. Unfortunately, it’s not just people who enjoy living in Enka but also pests.

The property damage that certain pests, especially termites, can cause can be extensive. Others, such as stink bugs, create agricultural damage. Still others are a nuisance, like bees, while a great many spread disease, especially rats, fleas, and cockroaches. If you suspect a pest infestation in your home or business, you’ll want a professional to address it by getting right to its root. That is precisely what Gibson Pest Control will do for you.

Residential Pest Control

Our licensed and insured technicians can take on any size infestation in your home. After our inspection, we’ll determine how many visits will be required to get rid of the pests for good. As for our treatments, they are environmentally friendly and will not harm the health of you, your family, or any pets.

Our company believes in what’s called integrated pest management, an approach to pest control that considers factors like the pest’s life cycle and the way it interacts with its environment. With IPM, our technicians use pesticides only as a last resort. Instead, we could start by cutting back foliage that might be inviting the pests inside or by using baits and traps. We could also use certain mating disruption chemicals to keep the pests from reproducing.

Commercial Pest Control

The same kind of treatments we provide for homes can be set up for commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, schools, gyms, medical centers, and office buildings. Thanks to our flexible appointment schedule, we can keep our visits discreet so that your clients or employees are not frightened. Our team can utilize IPM methods as well as world-class natural pesticides from EcoSMART Technologies.

Let us eliminate ants and fleas around the perimeter with granular insecticides, humanely remove bees’ nests, kill off bedbugs with extreme heat, and supply any other specialized treatment. We offer quarterly pest control but can take on emergencies at any time.

We can exterminate or remove the following pests:

Serving Homes and Businesses Since 1979

Gibson Pest Control has been around since 1979, and we boast over 100 years of combined experience. We provide the warm, personalized care of a family-owned and -operated company as well. Call us today for an inspection and a free quote.