Which 12 d-Con Products Did the EPA Cancel?

In February of 2013, a decision was made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cancel 12 d-Con products that they felt did not comply with current safety standards.

All 12 of the products are sold without a protective bait station. Bait stations are required for consumer products to protect children and pets from contact with bait pellets. While you may not realize it, ingestion of these products pose serious health risks to your family including death! Also, 8 of the 12 products contain second generation anticoagulants pesticides that pose unacceptable risks to non-target wildlife.

Following legal proceedings between the EPA and Reckitt, the company who produced the products, Reckitt made the decision to begin phasing out production the poisons in June 2014, stopping production on them completely on December 31st.  However, the company can continue to sell the products to retailers until March 2015, and the stores have an unlimited amount of time to clear the products from their shelves.

This means that you could unknowingly buy cancelled products that the EPA finds unfit for your home without even knowing it!

So which products should you be on the look out for and avoid? Listed below are the 12 products being cancelled.b2ap3_thumbnail_dcon-mouse-prufe1-300x225.jpg

d-CON Mouse Prufe Kills Mice

d-CON Pellets Kills Rats & Mice

d-CON Mouse Prufe II

d-CON Pellets Generation II

d-CON Bait Pellets II

d-CON Ready Mixed Generation II

d-CON Mouse-Prufe III

d-CON Bait Pellets III

d-CON II Ready Mix Baitbits III

d-CON Bait Packs III

Tips for Disposal

If you still have some of these products in your home and need answers on how to dispose of them, contact your local waste disposal program or service for information on the proper disposal method.

It is important to remember that these chemicals are harmful to wildlife, so if you have an open container remember not to discard the products outdoors or to flush them down your toilet or sink drain, as this then gets into the water supply.

To identify a local solid waste agency, search the government section of the phone book under categories such as solid waste, public works or garbage, trash or refuse collection.

If you believe that your children or pets have ingested these chemicals call the National Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222 for information and assistance immediately.

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