What to Expect During a Pest Inspection

Do not be in denial when it comes to pests invading your home. If you hear skittering around your attic or something crawling inside your walls, the time to act is now. Depending on the pest, they can cause structural damage to your home and health problems in some people. Overall, a pest infestation is a big nuisance that you do not want. Here’s what to expect during a pest inspection. 

Meeting With Your Pest Inspector

Our inspector will meet you at the agreed-upon location and time. You can easily identify them by their uniform and credentials. Feel free to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have during the meeting. The inspector will take a good look both inside and outside your home or business to see where the pests are getting in or where they are nesting. 

Required Checks

The most crucial checks during an infestation for moisture and food sources. The moisture check is vital because all pests small and large love having a handy water source nearby. Older or cracked pipes inside or outside will also attract pests. 

The inspector will also check to see if the pests have a reliable food source. Possible food sources could pet food bags, crumbs or trash. The inspector may also look in your pantry to ensure all food storage containers are sealed properly. They may also check your woodpiles and trash cans. 

The inspector will also look at any suspect flooring, especially behind appliances, focusing on pest droppings and trails. Our expert has access to a vast library to identify any pest

The Final Report

Our inspector will present you with a full report to let you know what pests are present and assist you in creating a customized plan to remove them. The inspector will then set another appointment at your disposal for final pest removal.

Gibson Pest Control Will Take Care of Your Pest Problem

Proudly serving Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 1979, Gibson Pest Control provides the highest quality customer service. Whether your infestation is residential or commercial, we have the trained personnel and the right tools to eradicate pests so you can take back control of your property. Contact Gibson Pest Control to get started today.