What is EcoSmart?

Without a doubt, pesticide use has benefited homeowners, eliminating plant pests and diseases that could destroy lawns and landscapes in a short time. However, pesticide management strategies that rely solely on technical-grade chemicals have been proven to harm non-target plants and animals while contributing to soil and water pollution. 

The EcoSMART Solution

EcoSMART is a patented brand of pesticide solutions focused on the use of natural ingredients that do not affect non-target species, including people who are routinely exposed to the products' residue. The company's formulations are based on science-backed research centered around finding effective nature-based alternatives to chemical pesticides. EcoSMART's processes and products are covered by 40 U.S. patents, 55 international patents and a host of in-process patent applications. Currently, there are 20 product lines that have been certified as exempt from registration requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency based on guidelines included in the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act. These exemptions indicate that EcoSMART formulations are clearly a cut above conventional pesticides manufactured from synthetic ingredients.

The Science behind EcoSMART Solutions

The company pioneered the use of plant oil extracts in the formulation of pesticides that can be considered 100 percent non-toxic to humans as well as other non-target plants and animals. Scientists observed that in nature, plants have some ability to defend themselves from pests that chew on leaves, roots, and stems or bark. Essential oils in plants form a layer of protection against various opportunistic or parasitic pathogens. EcoSMART has capitalized on this knowledge to develop products that are safe to use yet effective in the extermination and control of undesirable pests.

For instance, octopamine is a neurotransmitter in insects that controls movement, metabolism, and behavior. By suppressing octopamine signals, nature-based EcoSMART solutions can kill various insect species while building up resistance to re-infestation by ants, dust mites, wasps, flies, roaches, spiders, fleas and other household pests. No toxins are released and EcoSMART applications do not leave residue that may be harmful to people, pets, and the environment.

EcoSMART Ingredients

Conventional pesticides are typically formulated using synthetic ingredients. EcoSMART solutions are based on botanical alternatives, primarily essential oils, that are processed to create safe pesticide compounds. Many of the ingredients carry the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's GRA rating, which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. These ingredients may even be approved as food additives.

In North Carolina, Gibson Pest Control is one of the pest management experts that carry the complete line of natural pesticide solutions from EcoSMART Technology. Their pest management pros are trained in the use of these broad-spectrum and highly effective products. If you are concerned about the presence of harmful chemicals in and around your home, contact the pros at Gibson Pest Control to discuss how you can transition to the use of safe and environment-friendly EcoSMART solutions.

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