Mice and rats – these rodents find their way into homes through cracks, gaps and crevices. They're able to flatten their bodies and to squeeze through the smallest openings. Whether it's a dryer vent or a plumbing pipe, a rodent will enter a home if it has a way. If you want to keep rodents out of your home, it pays to look more closely at their behavior.

3 Reasons Why Rodents Invade Homes

They're in search of food.

Rodents have a good sense of smell and can sniff out trash, leftovers and other food items in and around your home. It's important to keep lids on your outdoor trash bins if you want to prevent overnight infestations. If rodents come indoors, they will crawl along counters in search of food and invade pantries to chew through boxed and bagged goods. Sealing your food items in plastic containers or keeping them in the refrigerator are ways to keep out unwanted rodents.

They need a better shelter.

The weather often pushes rodents into homes and businesses. During the cooler seasons, they hurry indoors to escape the cold and to build nests in attics and crawlspaces. In the summer, they invade homes to get out of the heat and to find a safe place to have their young. Predators also drive rodents inside where they can hide and stay out of harm's way.

They're attracted to clutter.

Clutter such as old boards, tires and debris attracts rodents by the dozens. They use old debris and piles of wood for shelter, building their nests beneath the layers. If you have piles of clutter in your garage or other parts of your home, rodents will migrate to those areas and hide during the day. Rodents prefer to come out at night, so you might not be aware of an infestation until it's too late.

Professional Rodent Control

When rodents invade homes, they rarely leave on their own. Mousetraps, over-the-counter products and do-it-yourself solutions don't provide the same results as professional pest control does. Gibson Pest Control technicians will locate the rodents' entryways, eliminate an infestation and help to prevent future occurrences.

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