Tips For Pest Proofing Your Home

No matter the season, bug infestations can occur. In the summer months, pests seem to be everywhere, but even in the cooler months, they can infiltrate your home looking for food and shelter. The bad news is that even with vigilance and following tips to bug proof your home, you may still end up with bugs because they are particularly resilient.

That’s when you should call Gibson Pest Control for help in getting your home back! In the meantime, here are a few more tips for protecting your home.

  • As the winter months are just around the corner, many of you might be stocking up on wood now to keep your home warm. There’s nothing like the crackling of a natural wood fire! However, while it may seem convenient to stack wood against the side of your home, you should actually store it several feet away. When your wood is cut and brought to your home, it is full of pests. Placing it directly against your home provides quick entry for them, as they access your foundation, pet doors, and windows!
  • We’ve always suggested keeping your foundations clear of debris and material, but did you know that you should also be checking  your home anywhere unlike materials meet? For example,  where siding meets foundation. Anytime two unlike materials meet, there is sure to be cracks and room for bugs to get in. Even if during construction, everything was properly caulked, it may be time to recaulk or to add foam installation.
  • Get rid of potential habitats around your home. For example, did you know that bugs can create living spaces in the debris of your gutters and downspouts? Or even in piles of leaves that surround the base of your home during the fall months?

 Need more information on protecting your home against bugs and other unwelcome guests? Call Gibson Pest Control for a Free Consultation at 888-483-6507 or 828-684-1353. We have over 30 years experiences in safely removing pests from your home, using products that are safe for your entire family!

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