Three Signs You Have A Cockroach Problem

If there’s one insect that bothers everyone without fail, it’s the cockroach. This type of pest plagues communities all over the world, filling residents with dread every time they see the creepy little critters skittering around. Cockroaches are known for being difficult to get rid of due to their resiliency and tendency to multiply at an alarming pace. It’s even been said that they could survive a nuclear war! 

Luckily, cockroaches can’t survive an attack from a quality pest-control specialist. The experts will have the tools and treatments required to get rid of roaches. If you’re wondering whether you should contact a professional, check out these signs of a serious cockroach infestation. 

1. Cockroach Feces

Much like any other animal, cockroaches leave droppings behind. Most of the droppings that come from smaller species look like pepper or coffee grounds. They might be hard to see, so be sure to inspect things carefully. If you see a large amount of droppings, it’s safe to say you are probably dealing with a massive infestation. This is true even if you don’t see any of the roaches. 

2. Roaches During Daylight

Cockroaches aren’t a fan of daylight, so if you see them wandering around while the sun is up, you’ll know you’re dealing with a major infestation. Roaches only start coming out during the day when their population is so huge that some of them can’t remain in the nest. If you’re seeing cockroaches during the day, please don’t hesitate to call for a professional treatment immediately. Letting a severe infestation go could be dangerous to your health. 

3. Dead Bodies

Dead bodies are another sign that your infestation is getting out of control. Check beneath sinks, around your water heater, in kitchen cabinets and in your food pantry to see if you can find any bodies. If you do, you’ll know that there are plenty of live roaches hiding somewhere nearby. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because you're seeing dead roaches, your problem is fixing itself. Roaches live and die just like humans, and bodies are actually an indicator of an active population.

If you’re dealing with a roach problem in Asheville, NC, or surrounding areas, please contact Gibson Pest Control now. Our team is ready to assess your situation and get your home clear of pests quickly.

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