Three Reasons to Avoid DIY Pest Control

b2ap3_thumbnail_bigstock-Happy-family-having-fun-on-flo-13104605.jpgA Do It Yourself Attitude is rarely seen as a bad thing. Have you checked out Pinterest lately? You learn how to refurbish your favorite furniture, can your own food, fix your computer, and much more. But just because you can do something yourself, doesn’t always mean you should. In fact, sometimes, you should definitely call a professional for their trained service on an issue to make sure that the job is done right, and pest control is one of those things!

Don’t believe us? Check out these three reasons why hiring a professional to get the job done will be more cost effective and safer for your household in the long run.

Effective Diagnosis and Treatment

To most individuals, a bug is just a bug. While they might be able to identity the general information about the bug, more than likely they won’t know the specific species and often, these distinctions can be the key factors in properly treating a home. 

Professional pest control technicians are certified and trained to not only diagnose your problem, but to identify underlying issues in your home that may be causing the infestation problem. They know where to look, and what signs to look for to identify all pests within your home. They look beyond the surface to find small issues that you may overlook or have no idea how to spot.

While you may be able to treat your problem for a short time, the products that are available to you are less effective and thorough, and usually only last up to a month, while professional grade chemicals last up to several months and include comprehensive methods of killing not only just the pests but larvae as well.

Personal and Familial Safety

Many pest control products are actually very strong and dangerous poisons.  Handling those poisons puts you at risk, and may even put your family at risk, if you aren’t absolutely sure of what you are doing.  If used improperly, they’re harmful to breathe in, which is impossible when they’re in the air. They can cause serious harm to your heart, lungs, sinuses, skin and other vital organs and parts of your body, and if they’re sprayed in certain areas of your home, much more likely to be accessed by children and pets who can get the chemicals on their skin and in their mouths!

Professionals are trained to use products in a way that is safe for you, your family and your furry friends. This ensures both the termination of unwanted visitors, while maintaining a happy and healthy home for everybody else!

Overall Savings and Convenience

Pesticides can be very expensive, especially if you are unsure what you are treating. If you purchase the wrong product, you find yourself spending even more money to fix the problem.  Not to mention the fact that pests can often become immune to a less effective chemical that doesn’t end up killing them. With professional exterminators, this is not a problem. The chemicals are much more effective for killing pests, as well as pest prevention.

In addition to the cost for pesticide, you also have to sacrifice your time and energy to do it yourself. Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekend relaxing and have Gibson Pest Control take over the heavy lifting? Give us a call at 888-483-6507 or 828-684-1353 to schedule a free consultation for your home today! We’ve specialized in residential pest control in Western North Carolina since 1979.

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