The Gibson Difference

b2ap3_thumbnail_bigstock-A-pest-control-worker-wearing--74901565.jpgGibson Pest Control is dedicated to providing patrons with The Gibson Difference, an exceptionally unique approach to business. GPC maintains a higher brand of quality, offering extensive experience, environmentally-conscious technologies, and genuine customer care. Below are some more ways that Gibson Pest Control distinguishes itself from its counterparts.

Over 100 years...
...of combined pest control experience. GPC is family owned and operated, and has been serving the area since 1979. The company’s technicians are registered by the State of North Carolina or certified and extensively trained. The goal of each technician is to eliminate your current infestation and help prevent future ones.

No unnecessary chemical intrusion involved…
…thanks to the company’s “green” pest treatment series. Guaranteed to be eco-friendly, these EcoSmart products are a huge hit with clients. Gibson Pest Control is one of the only companies in the area that offers this type of technology. To learn more about EcoSmart technology, click the EcoSmart tab or peruse GPC’s other blog posts.

Ensuring you the best…
…by leaving no stone unturned. Gibson Pest Control believes that your well-being is important. Pest infestations can diminish your quality of life, so having a company on your side that cares and understands is essential. GPC wants you to have the best experience possible, even if that means double-checking. You are encouraged to get references and estimates from other companies before signing on with Gibson. When choosing a company, also make sure you know what they specialize in, find out if they are trained or licensed, and know what chemicals they use. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if they are legitimate and recommendable. The most crucial thing is to make sure you understand their contracts before you pay them for services. Make sure to find out how long it lasts, if the company has any guarantees, and what they will be doing.

Interested in a free quote for your pest problem? Call Gibson Pest Control at 888-483-6507 for refreshing alternatives and seriously excellent service.

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