The Disadvantages of DIY Pest Control

Clean homes, small homes, large homes – they all encounter pest infestations at some point. Whether it's ants or roaches, pests eventually find their way into homes and cause problems for families. Some pests cause visual damage to properties while others spread diseases to people. If you're thinking about tackling a pest infestation, you should reconsider do-it-yourself methods since they're not as effective as you might think.

4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Pest Control

You're risking your safety.

Most over-the-counter pest control products contain toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients when they're breathed or applied to skin. If you incorrectly spray an area, you risk harming you, your family, your pets and other people who may enter your home.

You may threaten wildlife and beneficial insects.

Spraying toxic pest control chemicals outdoors can lead to drift, spreading the chemicals into natural habitats. You may want to kill the wasps outside your door, but you might accidentally kill honeybees if you spray incorrectly. Read the directions very carefully if you're planning to use a pest control product as it could harm more than the target pest.

You'll spend more money in the long run.

Many store-bought pest control products only cover up the problem; they don't eliminate pests completely. If you're treating an ant infestation with an over-the-counter spray or a DIY solution, it may or may not work on the visible pests. Even if it does kill the ants on target, it doesn't kill them at the source, so you'll have to spend more money on products to kill recurring infestations.

You might misidentify the pests.

Misidentifying a pest can lead to serious problems down the road. For example, many homeowners can't tell the difference between termites and ants since they look very similar. They also live in colonies and act in the same manner. If you're targeting termites with ant-control products, you're risking more damage to your home in the long run.

Professional Pest Control for Infestations

DIY pest control has its place in homes, especially if you're dealing with simple nuisance pests like houseflies. When it's roaches, termites or rodents, it's best to leave pest control to the professionals. Gibson Pest Control's trained technicians can accurately identify the pests, select and apply the appropriate treatment and implement a preventative strategy to keep out unwanted pest insects and rodents.

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