EcoSmart is Guaranteed and Keeps Your Family Safe

It is impossible to count the number of species of bugs that exist just in Western North Carolina, let alone the world. Similarly, there are an innumerable amount of pesticides that have been created to attempt to combat infestations. Each species of bug that has been categorized and studied, has its own set of features, both positive and negative. Some bugs are particularly harmful to humans, others are actually helpful and necessary parts of the ecosystem around us. Just like not every bug is created equal, every pest control option has its own set of pros and cons. Some pesticides...
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Safely Rid Your Home of Pests

Wh at Is EcoSmart Technology As we reach the hottest months of the year in Western North Carolina, are you noticing an uptick of pests in and around your home? If so, you aren’t alone! As bugs become a problem, your first instinct is to protect your home and call a pest control specialist, but you worry about the chemicals being used around your children and pets. Is it safe? Will one visit from a pest control expert leave your home full of harmful chemicals that could make your loved ones sick? Gibson Pest Control is pleased to be one...
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Gibson Pest Uses Botanical Pesticides

In Southern Appalachia, we have a long history, steeped with home spun yarns of self sufficiency and remedies for many ailments and matters of the home. This includes the creations of home made bug repellents for long nights spent on back porches, taking in the beautiful weather and Blue Ridge Mountains while trying to avoid being attacked by mosquitoes and similar pests who take away from the leisure and evening activities. With the modern age has come an all new platform for these types of projects. Doing a quick Pinterest search returns hundreds of results for things that you can...
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