Signs You Have Selected the Wrong Pest Control Professional

Signs You Have Selected the Wrong Pest Control Professional

No one likes to get ripped off, especially when it comes to getting rid of unwanted pests. Critters can certainly mess with your general well-being, but some even pose health risks. While not all bugs are bad, it is important to have the unpleasant ones exterminated in the most efficient way possible. Described below are five signs that you have selected the wrong pest control professional for the job.

 1.     They overcharge for the bare minimum.

If your exterminator is charging an unseemly amount for rude, inconclusive, and sparse services, then it may be time to reconsider their employment. Common sense will be crucial in your decision making process. You will be able to judge what works best for you. Remember: pest control does not have to cost a ridiculous amount of money.

 2.     They don’t show up – ever.

A common customer complaint (for those who choose the wrong company) is that their exterminator never shows up. If your exterminator doesn’t show up and offers no reason for their absence, then move on to the next one. Multiple visits may not be necessary for your particular pest situation, but for the most part, if you feel they should be doing more, they probably should. Do not let your pest control company walk all over you; you hired them. You may even want to research your problem beforehand so you have an idea of what needs to happen during the extermination process.

 3.     They are huge, national, and mainstream.

It is no myth that most local companies will give you a more personalized and thorough service. National pest control companies are often more focused on the quantity of customers rather than the quality they give each client. A national company may lure you in with slightly better deals, but overall, the cost of hiring the wrong professional outweighs the benefit of initially saving a few dollars.

 4.     They claim they can fix all of your problems.

As unfortunate as it may sound, some pests just cannot be fully eradicated. There is no concrete way to eliminate every single ant, wasp, or mouse that breaches the vicinity of your home. There are many different elements involved in eliminating pests and a lot of factors your professional has no jurisdiction. You might understand this from personal experience – no matter how clean you keep that kitchen of yours, an ant will find its way in somehow. Nature is a reckoning force with its own way of doing things.

 5.     They use way too many chemicals.

In pest control, less is more. Using too many chemicals can negate the chemical process overall or it can actually scare pests into burrowing down somewhere else in your home. Most exterminators know to use the proper amount of repellent, but if usage becomes obnoxious, check in with them about it – or hire another professional.

Hiring someone to de-pest your house can be overwhelming or confusing, but common sense and these five tips will help you select the right pest control professional. Happy exterminating!

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