Preparing Your Home for Summer

Ah, release the pool floaties – it’s nearly summertime! As you leap into the most carefree season of the year, don’t forget to guard your home against bugs. Pests love summer just as much as you do, but it doesn’t have to be a battle royale. Below are some tips for preparing your home.

The first and most effective step you can take to prepare your home for summer pests is caulking and sealing. As abhorring as the process may seem, the best way to keep out bugs is to block their favorite entrance ways. Do what you can to seal the crevices between door and door frame, window and window sill. Caulk any holes on the interior or exterior of your home. Just make sure there are no critters already living there because you could trap them and possibly worsen the infestation.

There are preventative things you can do around the grounds of your property as well. Eliminate any standing water. Large puddles, buckets of water, and even birdbaths could attract mosquitoes. If you cannot part from birdwatching, then try to change the water often. Bugs also enjoy wood chips and dead plants. Do away with these if you are really concerned about repelling insects. Keeping shrubbery trimmed at least a foot from the exterior of your home will help as well.

Finally, do not take for granted the wonders you can do on the inside of your home. After all, this is where a bug tends to be the biggest annoyance. Keeping the kitchen clean is paramount. Rinse dishes first thing, wipe down counters with a vinegar or citrus solution, and do not leave food sitting out. Another thing: pests are crazy about garbage. Trash should remain covered and be taken out often. Be sure to place the outside bins a good distance from your home.

Phew! Wipe that sweat off your brow and settle down with a nice Arnold Palmer. You earned it. Cheers to warmer weather.

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