Pest Control Tip of the Month - Clean, Organize, and Plan

Pest Control Tip of the Month - Clean, Organize, and Plan

While there is no foolproof method for preventing all pests, cleaning, planning, and organizing will help in critter control. This post offers the best steps to take.

Keeping things clean is one of the first steps to controlling pests. It is important to wash dishes, put away food, and take out the trash regularly. Make sure your trashcan has a lid that shuts. Wiping down the counters and making sure everything is sealed helps, too. Do not leave bottles open; anything with sugar as a key ingredient will welcome ants into your home. Keeping out your pet’s food and water is a no-no as well. Believe it or not, they attract pests.

Another way to keep out pests is to organize. This may require making a few small adjustments. Professionals will tell you to seal or caulk the entryways to your home. Also, make sure to deal with leaks or unnecessary levels of moisture. If you water your lawn too much, critters will love it. Homeowners will benefit from storing any firewood away from the house. If any part of your home is old and wooden, then get it repaired. Otherwise, termites might make their way in.

There are a lot of plants that actually repel or redirect bugs, so research those and see which might be best for your situation. Another thing to keep in mind is that foliage should be at least 6 feet from external walls.

Nature cannot necessarily be planned for, but there are certain things you can do to prepare for pest prevention. You might want to research pests and the seasons in which they’re most active. Wasps are coming this spring. They can be frightening, but if you thoroughly spray their nests before they finish creating them, you will prevent hordes of them from swarming your porch.

One of the best tips you can follow is scheduling a visit from your pest control professional. Ideally, this should be done every 3-6 months. Your pest control professional can catch infestations before they get out of control and give you even more tips on how to keep critters out. But for now, just C.O.P.

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