Pest Control Tip of the Month - Change Your Lights

b2ap3_thumbnail_bigstock-LIGHTS-810078.jpgThe pest control tip of the month is quite simple: change your lights. Now, change can be scary for some, but it is also admittedly the only constant in life. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to help deter massive moths or menacing mosquitoes, look no further. Gibson Pest Control is here to offer you a solution to your pest problem. It might be time to update those shiny things outside your house. Warmer weather is on the way and now is the time to prepare.

What’s wrong with the lights I have now?
If you have standard mercury vapor lights, there is a chance you are attracting more bugs than necessary. Also, if your lighting is placed right by your front door, then it might be time to retire that fixture. Incorrect lighting arrangements can attract a variety of bugs. In turn, those bugs can attract other insects – even ones that carry diseases, like mosquitoes. Most people do not jump for joy when they think of coming home after a long, hard day just to shoo away bugs and battle for entrance to the front door.

What will the new lights do?
Upgrading to high pressure sodium vapor lights or halogen lights will help keep bugs at bay. If you can, choose lights with warmer tints, like pink or yellow! These colors are less perceivable to most bugs. Another great way to prevent insects is to place lighting a few yards away from where you usually walk. Just make sure they are bright enough that you can still see. Keeping pesky insects away from your nightly walk from car door to front door will improve your quality of life, but it will also lower your chances of getting bitten by more harmful insects.

Where can I find better lights and how much do they cost?
The right type of light is not hard to find. You can pick up high pressure sodium lights at your local hardware store. Prices will vary depending on whether you just replace a bulb or install an entirely new fixture, but typical bulbs definitely should not run you more than $30. There is also rumor of a special kind of “yellow bug light”. Apparently these lights have almost magical results, but you may have to order them online.

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