How Winter Changes Pests Patterns and Movements

Pests are influenced by the seasons and pose threats that shift as the weather changes. Winter can influence their movement and patterns. Pests are always in search of a safe, warm shelter and a reliable food source. Sad to say, our homes happen to be one of the more tempting places that attract common pests. 

We must obtain knowledge of the seasonal pests patterns and take preventive measures during every seasonal weather shift. This way, we keep pests out and protect our homes from invasions. 

Bees and Wasps

When the cold winter weather hits, for most insects, it’s time to begin searching for shelter. Cold weather means that pests are in a hurry to find a warm place to hide. Many insects outlast the winter by building a safe place to survive the outdoor weather, safe from the elements. 

Some insects conserve energy and try to avoid extreme climates by hibernating. Other insects might migrate to a warmer climate or try to survive the winter months in their egg, nymph or larvae stages in the water or ground. Bees and wasps often locate shelter in trees, logs or eaves of a home. Ants, on the other hand, retreat to their nesting sites. 

Mice and Rats

Certain rodents like mice and rats cannot tolerate the winter months as well as insects can. They might even visit your home in search of a safe retreat. Seasonal changes can encourage rodents to unexpectedly invade your garden or home. They could be already burrowed in for a long, cold winter. 

With this fact, it is highly crucial to protect your home from possible pest invasions by taking necessary precautions during the fall months to guard your home. You mustn’t wait until winter hits before you start maintaining your pest control. Soon enough, pests will begin looking at your home from their creature comforts. 


Being attentive to seasonal pest shifts allows you to better prepare yourself for deterring any unwelcomed visitors from entering your home. Unfortunately, there will be situations where you’re not in complete control of deterring pests from finding shelter in your living quarters. 
Fighting a problem using DIY efforts surely will not always be the advised and safe option. Contact Gibson Pest Control to ensure you properly address any signs of a pest infestation or inhabitation. Visit our website for more information.