How to Find an Ant Nest

Most pest control experts will tell you that if you want to eliminate the ants in your house, your best bet is to attack the nest directly. The ant nest is the place where all the ants in your house are coming from, and the place that will all return to once they’re done foraging for food. Take out the nest, take out the ants. It sounds simple enough, but finding the nest is not always easy. Here are some ways to uncover where your ants are hiding, and what to do when you find them.

How to Find an Ant Nest

Finding an ant nest is more complicated than picking a single ant and following it around your house until it returns home. Ants are small and can easily sneak around furniture, slip through cracks and hide amidst clutter. What you should do instead is look for telltale signs of a colony, including wood shaving, moisture, large clusters of ants and the bodies of dead ants. If you’re looking for an ant nest outdoors, then try to find small mounds of dirt and rotting wood. Ant nests are usually located in deep crevices inside our homes, so you may not be able to see the nest itself, but if you know the general area where they are hiding out, you’re on the right track.

How to Destroy an Ant Nest

Now for the most important part: Getting rid of the ants. This step is pretty simple if you handle it the right way. Just layout ant bait traps within the proximity of the colony and wait. These kinds of ant baits are made to look like a harmless, surgery liquid. However, they are actually laced with lethal amounts of poison. Ants will eat this bait and then bring it back with them to their nests, spreading the poison to the rest of the ants. There are also some powers that you can sprinkle into the cracks of your house for good measure. Once you stop seeing ants, you’ve won. To prevent further infestations, make sure you keep your floors and counters clean, seal up any entry points ants can use to get in and reduce the moisture levels in your house by fixing leaking pipes and running a dehumidifier.

A single ant nest could contain thousands of ants, and may people feel it’s impossible to get rid of them all. However, with a little strategy and a plan of attack, they won’t stand a chance. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, Contact Gibson Pest Control today.