How to Determine Pest Control Treatment Frequency

When bugs invade your home, you might feel overwhelmed with what the next steps should be to deal with the situation and you may have questions on how this could have happened in your home.

An infestation situation can often come with a certain stigma in your own mind, but the reality is, no matter how clean and well kept you keep your home – you may have other structural issues that can be pinpointed as the  cause with the help of a pest control professional with Integrated Pest Control experiences.

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The first step a home owner should take when an infestation occurs is to call a professional pest control company for a consultation. Depending on the size of your infestation, your home may only require a one time treatment – however, a one time treatment often isn’t enough and it is likely that to truly rid your home of pests and prevent them from coming back, you’ll receive the recommendation that you should receive quarterly treatments.

Quarterly treatments are often recommended because most commercial use pest control products are effective for up to three months after distribution. 

When dealing with a heavy infestation, the first few services you receive ensure pest population reduction. Once your provider has an infestation in check, they can then work with you on a quarterly basis to prevent future infestations by using an Integrated Pest Management approach to study your home for possible entry points that need to be fixed or to spot other factors that may increase the risk of pest attraction.

They may also use this time for check for infestations you might not be aware of, such as termites (as they aren’t always visible to you).

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