How Pests Communicate

b2ap3_thumbnail_bigstock-Rat--year-old-on-white-67485301.jpgLearning how pests communicate may help when dealing with an infestation. After all, knowing whether or not a creature is upset with you can prevent unnecessary harm. Today Gibson Pest Control is here to help you better understand the signs and signals of ants, mosquitoes, and rats.

Much like the wasp, ants use pheromones to communicate. When wasps sting (and die), they release a pheromone to the rest of their hive buddies. If the wasp's hive is close, its friends will rush to the scene in defense. Ants also release pheromones when in danger, but in a much less aggressive way that doesn’t usually involve humans. They release alarm pheromones during a skirmish with a fellow ant, and sometimes during a fight with another colony. This confuses the other colony so much that they start fighting their own brethren.

Mosquitoes communicate to each other using the vibrations of their wings. These Pinocchios can also sense heat, moisture, and breathing, so it’s not hard to imagine how they latch on to humans so quickly. Mosquitoes have the ability to smell blood, but this is no surprise. However, it may be surprising to some that only female mosquitoes will “bite”, or funnel blood. This is done in preparation for mating and not out of a need for nutrition – these pesky things enjoy plant nectar much more.

While undesirable, rats are very intriguing when it comes to their communication. They have higher- and lower- frequency squeaks and these squeaks mean several different things. Humans are actually not able to hear the higher-frequency squeak of a happy rat, which is usually a sign that they are playing, eating, or mating. If you hear a rat squeak, meaning the long-tailed thing is using its low frequency, then be wary. This means the rat is afraid or frustrated. If a rat is feeling aggressive it might puff out its fur, hunch its back, or grind its teeth in a harsh, cracking manner, otherwise known as rat chatter.

If you’re afraid you have an infestation, and your infestation is angry with you, don’t risk it! Call Gibson Pest Control.

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