How Pests Can Destroy Your Home

You may not see it, but your home is constantly under siege from pesky pests that can do real damage to your home. Homeowners should arm themselves with information about the top pests that can damage your home.


Termites definitely top the list for good reason. They are often silent and unseen killers that can do extensive damage to your home before you know it. Termites love rotting wood and other cellulose-based materials which are prominent in your home, making your house the perfect munching ground. Experts from the National Pest Management Association have estimated that termites cause $5 billion in home and property damage each year. As termites continue to chew through wood, these pests can cause major structural damage that is expensive to repair. Unfortunately, many homeowners’ policies do not cover termite damage, so these costs can quickly add up. Termite infestations spread very quickly, so it is best to hire a professional to alleviate the infestation or better yet, to take preventative measures to ensure termites do not even enter your home.

Carpenter Ants

Much like termites, carpenter ants also love dead, damp wood. In fact, they are often mistaken for termites because they live in weak and diseased trees and within rotting wood on homes. They also nest in insulation, and while they are less destructive than termites, these ants can still cause extensive home damage.

Powderpost Beetles

Wood is definitely the meal of choice for termites and carpenter ants, but also for powderpost beetles. You may not have ever heard of these wood-loving beetles, also referred to as lyctid beetles, but they love hardwoods. Unlike, the other pests, they don’t attack rotting wood. Instead, they love healthy wood, so if you see any small round holes in flooring, doors or cabinets, then you likely have this beetle infestation. If your beetle infestation is active, you will also likely see small piles of sawdust near the holes. We usually see these infestations in newly built homes because the wood used to build the house is often already infested with the beetle, so the insects are brought into your home during the construction process.


Squirrels are very cute and animated, but these bushy-tailed pests definitely have a darker side. Not only can they damage your trees, but they can nest in your attic and chew through wood and electrical wiring, thus creating a fire hazard.

Arm Yourself

As a North Carolina homeowner, it pays to know about these pests. It also pays to have a professional like Gibson Pest Control. Don’t try to handle these pesky buggers on your own. Contact Gibson Pest Control today!