How Do Ants Enter Your Home?

Witnessing ants crawling on the countertop in your kitchen is an unpleasant experience. At first, you think the little brown or black insects are crumbs only to realize that the so-called crumbs are moving to and fro. Ants are tiny creatures. Consequently, they easily find ways to enter your home. Plus, ants have existed for millions of years, which perhaps gives them some sort of cosmic sixth sense about how to find entry points into your home. It almost seems as though they magically appear, disappear and reappear without a logical explanation.

Ants may Live in the Ground Beneath the Stove

If you are able to observe where the ants go when they leave the room, you may discover how they entered your house. Ants appearing on either side of the stove where small gaps exist between the appliance and the countertops are most likely entering via the floor. They may have an anthill right below your kitchen floor. Perhaps a small crack or hole is near the anthill. If so, the ants can enter your kitchen via the opening and travel up the sides of the stove until they reach the countertop.

Install Door and Window Screens with Tiny Holes

Another easy way for ants to enter your home is via the door, door screen or window screen. Plus, the walls near the door or window may have tiny cracks. A large space underneath the door permits ants and other insects to enter your home. Installing a door sweep can help prevent pests from getting inside your home.

Ants Enjoy Eating Sugar and Grease

Ants are primarily attracted to food. Contrary to popular belief, they do not only go after honey and sugar. Ants also like to eat greasy food. You may see an ant infestation in your kitchen if you fry hamburgers and fail to clean up the stove when you are finished cooking. If you spill food on your stove while cooking and fail to clean up the mess, you may see ants crawling in the area when you wake up the next morning. If you spill food on the floor, remove it immediately to prevent an ant problem the next day.

Check Items Prior to Bringing them from the Patio into your Living Room or Garage

Preventing an ant infestation is the best way to deal with ants. Check the patio table, patio chairs, buckets, plants and any other items left outdoors prior to bringing the articles inside your home or into the garage. Even if you are diligent in trying to prevent ants from entering your home, they may still present a problem. Contact Gibson Pest Control to solve any issues you have with ants.

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