b2ap3_thumbnail_bigstock-Saving-Green-Planet-3816771.jpgBecause the terms “green” and environmentally friendly have become so popularized (which is not necessarily a bad thing), there is some confusion as to what they actually mean. These days, the terms are nearly indistinguishable. Gibson Pest Control wants everyone to know that “green” and environmentally friendly are not interchangeable and make their actual definitions a little clearer.

If a product is green, then it is natural or composed mostly of natural products. If a product is environmentally friendly, then it causes no harm to the environment. Sometimes both of these phrases are substituted for the word, “sustainable”. This is a whole different issue. Sustainable means to protect or improve the natural and organic state of the environment.A product may be green and that’s great, because it’s healthier than a processed snack cake for example. However, if a green product is wrapped in packaging that is harmful to the environment and it takes excessive energy to make it, then the product is not environmentally friendly. A product that is both green and environmentally friendly will be natural and cause no harm to the environment.

A product might be environmentally friendly without being green. For instance, a solar panel is not a natural earthly substance, but it can be made in an environmentally friendly way, in order to support an environmentally friendly cause. Keep in mind that the terms are still difficult to separate, though; things like solar panels are often used in “green” construction or remodeling.

Unfortunately, many products claim that they are green, environmentally friendly, or sustainable when they are not. That is why it is very important to do your own research and look for official stamps or seals before you buy.

Fortunately, Gibson Pest Control offers EcoSmart products, which are both green and environmentally friendly. EcoSmart products are the only ones that are fully approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.Definitions can be confusing, but they are very important.

Now that you know the difference between “green” and environmentally friendly, you can make life choices that are not only safe for you, but safe for the environment as well.