Gibson Pest Uses Botanical Pesticides

b2ap3_thumbnail_lavendar.pngIn Southern Appalachia, we have a long history, steeped with home spun yarns of self sufficiency and remedies for many ailments and matters of the home. This includes the creations of home made bug repellents for long nights spent on back porches, taking in the beautiful weather and Blue Ridge Mountains while trying to avoid being attacked by mosquitoes and similar pests who take away from the leisure and evening activities.

With the modern age has come an all new platform for these types of projects. Doing a quick Pinterest search returns hundreds of results for things that you can do yourself in an attempt to keep yourself bite free.  Many of the remedies rely on all natural ingredients such as lemons, limes, basil, cloves, and essential oils such as lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and sandalwood. The list of possible ingredients for organically created repellents is endless! There are many clever ideas for creating fashionable solutions for those included to decorate their backyard for special events, and simple solutions that can be created in just minutes!

Home made bug repellents can be great for camping trips or summer nights, but when you need more advanced coverage, Gibson Pest control offers Integrated Pest Control solutions for your entire home.

Many of the same botanical used in the home made remedies that you’ve seen online or that have been passed down to you through the years are used in EcoSmart, the  eco-friendly alternative that Gibson Pest Control offers!

EcoSMART Technologies is the first company to economically enable a realistic shift from synthetic to botanical pesticides in the commercial and industrial markets. Proven efficacy, superior performance, broad-spectrum activity, minimal environmental and mammalian toxicity, and competitive pricing characterize all of EcoSMART’s botanical pesticide products. Over 50 patents pending and international filings protect these advantages.

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