Five Most Common Restaurant Pests

When you open a restaurant or any establishment that serves food, you must be vigilant about pests invading your space. Not only is it unsafe and unhealthy to have unwanted visitors around the restaurant, but it is also unsightly and can ruin your reputation as a business owner and a business overall. Read on to familiarize yourself with common pests so that you can know how to deal with them if you ever come across them in your restaurant.

  1. Fruit Flies

These small, yet annoying bugs are some of the most damaging pests to have in your restaurant. They can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria. Be sure to store any produce that you’re not using in a cool place away from heat and excessive light. If you have rotting produce, immediately discard them. Take your trash out regularly and be sure to keep your food prep area clean and sanitized.

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches love kitchens because of the food and water sources that they find. Also, because roaches carry such a notorious reputation, all it takes is one roach to ruin your reputation across town. Having one in your kitchen is already too much. The best you can do is keep a clean workstation, store food in hard to access containers for insects and dry up any excess standing water.

  1. Ants

Ants are particularly attracted to greasy or sugary surfaces and smells. Be sure to keep all countertops and floors well mopped and then well dried to ensure that ants won’t be attracted to your kitchen. Ants also like to hide in small or dark spaces, so be sure that you clean between appliances and underneath ovens, tables and other small spaces.

  1. Rodents

Like humans, mice and rats also see restaurants as establishments where they know food and nourishment are stored. You can use traps on your own, but in order to completely eradicate these pests, you should contact a professional in order to be sure that they’re gone for good. They carry numerous diseases and they are an incredibly sore sight to see at any food establishment.

  1. Flies

Flies are unsightly, annoying, a health hazard and are actively ruining your work as a food provider. Whether they be fruit flies, as mentioned earlier, or house flies or drain flies that are attracted to the wet and musty odor of sinks, flies are a pest that should not find their way into a healthy and safe kitchen. As stated earlier, the best way to keep any pest out of your establishment is to have the freshest available produce, store food properly, clean up properly and take out any waste immediately away from the kitchen.

Running a restaurant isn’t easy. If you need help, especially in dealing with pests invading your restaurant contact Gibson Pest Control in order to speak with a professional about how to solve our pest problem. From there, we can determine the best course of action that serves you and your customers the best.