Don't Let Ants or Termites Ruin Your Thanksgiving Celebration

As you look forward to planning your Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones this upcoming holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is bothersome pests. Your home is a place where precious memories are made with family and friends, and at Gibson Pest Control we understand how important this is to you. The information below will help you determine if you have an ant or termite problem and what to do if you notice these pests in or around your home. 

Facts about Ants

Ants are one of the most common pests that people deal with on a regular basis. Ants generally come into the home in search of good sources of food and water. Ants are attracted to all types of human food, but they have a clear preference for sweet treats and other desserts. Ants reside in large colonies sometimes made up of thousands of other ants. They have a superior way of leaving behind distinctive scent trails for other ants to find them, which means that your ant problem can quickly get out of hand. In order to effectively treat an ant infestation, the entire colony must be located and destroyed to keep ants from returning. 

Facts about Termites 

Termites also live in large colonies similar to ants. Termites can sometimes be harder to detect, however, because they tend to stay hidden within the walls of your home. Termites are also much more feared than ants due to the extensive amount of damage they can cause to the structure of your home. Termites are capable of chewing their way through the wood, siding, drywall, and many other components of your home leading to massive amounts of damage that is very costly to correct. In order to effectively treat a termite infestation, a pest control specialist needs to locate and eliminate the entire colony. After this step is complete, and repairs can be made to existing structural damage and steps can be taken to ensure the termites do not return. 

Protect Your Thanksgiving Meal 

There are a few prudent steps you can take to protect your Thanksgiving meal as well. For starters, don't leave food unattended for long periods of time. You may choose to cover your individual dishes with plastic wrap, tin foil, or mesh covers to keep insects from contaminating the food. 
As your guests begin to finish their meals, gather all trash and food scraps and dispose of these promptly in an area away from where guests are gathered. Food scraps and trash can attract ants, bees, and all sorts of other annoying pests that will detract from the enjoyment of your guests. 
Planning your Thanksgiving celebration should be a joyous occasion rooted in creating fond memories with your friends and family. Don't spend the holiday season worrying about unwanted pests that can detract from the enjoyment of your guests. Whether you are already experiencing issues with ants or termites or you simply want to prevent future disruptions to your holiday plans, contact Gibson Pest Control today for a complete inspection of your home and prompt treatment of any issues.
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