Common Spiders Found in North Carolina

Residents of North Carolina will agree that it is one absolutely beautiful place with its mountain ranges and magnificent valleys. But, you also need to be aware of the pests that are in the area. 

One of the more common questions that our pest experts receive here at Gibson Pest Control concerns the identification of dangerous spiders inside a home or office environment.

There are at least 48 known species of spiders found in North Carolina. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous ones. 

Black Widow

People can instantly recognize the Black Widow spider chiefly due to its red hourglass-shaped marking on its belly. DO NOT mess with them. 

Black widow venom can kill in some cases, and they are especially dangerous to small children and the elderly. Contact Gibson Pest Control to get the problem taken care of immediately.

Brown Recluse

These spiders are recognizable by their brown bodies and their violin-shaped marks on their backs. The spider’s venom is highly toxic and is known to almost immediately rot the skin cells in the bitten area. 

Yellow Sack 

A yellow sack infestation can be frightening. These yellow spiders will come inside during the cold weather, and they love to hide out in places like closets, bed covers and dresser drawers. Their bites cause nausea, cramping, fever and more. 

False Widow

Like its namesake, the false widow looks much like its more poisonous cousin the Black Widow. The False Widow does not have the distinct hourglass marking of the Black Widow. 

This spider can still cause havoc to humans. A false widow bite can cause nausea, aching muscles, fever and headaches.  

Other common spiders in North Carolina include the orb weaver, wolf, funnel web, fishing and house spider families. These less dangerous species still pack a nasty punch because of their different types of venom. Plus, they will all take advantage of a warm residence to lay their eggs when the weather is cold. 

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