Did You Know Insects Create Their Own Antifreeze?

In last week’s blog we wrote about some of the patterns of behavior that insects use to stay alive during colder winter months. In some instances, the bugs migrate to warmer climate, in other instances they hibernate or more technically, participate in diapause which is a long term state of suspension triggered by a specific set of stimuli to the insect, such as the reduction of daylight hours. Diapause synchronizes the insect’s life cycle with seasonal changes in its environment, including winter conditions.  Prior to diapause, insects begin adding extra layers of fat and reducing the amount of water in...
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What Happens to Insects During the Winter Months

Each year, as the weather changes and temperatures get colder in Western North Carolina, the bug population seems to dwindle and disappear. So where do they all go? Are they leaving or hibernating? They seem to come right back once the winter thaws, so what’s the deal? Insects have a variety of methods for surviving the coldness of winter. Migration In some instances bugs do migrate to warmer climates. While most people don’t consider this species as a pest, a primary example of this is the Month butterfly. Monarchs in the eastern United States and Canada fly up to 2,000...
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How to Determine Pest Control Treatment Frequency

When bugs invade your home, you might feel overwhelmed with what the next steps should be to deal with the situation and you may have questions on how this could have happened in your home. An infestation situation can often come with a certain stigma in your own mind, but the reality is, no matter how clean and well kept you keep your home – you may have other structural issues that can be pinpointed as the  cause with the help of a pest control professional with Integrated Pest Control experiences. Pest Control Plan of Action The first step a...
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Prepare Your Home for a Pest Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the official start to the holiday season each year, and as families gather around the table together to eat, share stories, and relax – it is a time to celebrate, reflect, and be thankful.  But as a host, it can also be stressful and nothing can ruin a holiday gathering faster than the sight of unwanted pests in your home!  That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful reminders to keep your home pest free this year and tackled some of the most common infestation problems people can run into this time of year. Moths, Beetles, Cockroaches Moths,...
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Which 12 d-Con Products Did the EPA Cancel?

In February of 2013, a decision was made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cancel 12 d-Con products that they felt did not comply with current safety standards. All 12 of the products are sold without a protective bait station. Bait stations are required for consumer products to protect children and pets from contact with bait pellets. While you may not realize it, ingestion of these products pose serious health risks to your family including death! Also, 8 of the 12 products contain second generation anticoagulants pesticides that pose unacceptable risks to non-target wildlife. Following legal proceedings between the...
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Why Stink Bugs Really Do Stink