Tips For Pest Proofing Your Home

No matter the season, bug infestations can occur. In the summer months, pests seem to be everywhere, but even in the cooler months, they can infiltrate your home looking for food and shelter. The bad news is that even with vigilance and following tips to bug proof your home, you may still end up with bugs because they are particularly resilient. That’s when you should call Gibson Pest Control for help in getting your home back! In the meantime, here are a few more tips for protecting your home. As the winter months are just around the corner, many of...
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A Guide to WNC Poisonous Snakes

According to the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences there are 57 species of snakes that inhabit the state, but there are only  six poisonous snake species. Of these six, four are central to the south eastern region of the states, and only two are found throughout the rest of the state, including Western North Carolina. The good news is that the next time you see a snake, you shouldn’t panic! The odds are in your favor that the snake is a harmless breed. Identifying Species While it’s unlikely that the snake in your garden is in fact poisonous,...
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Insect Communication Patterns

Like humans and animals, bugs communicate with one another and the environment around them. While they may communicate, their reasons and methods for communicating vary greatly from humans. Why Do Insects Communicate? There are many different types of insect communication styles and purposes, but these can all be broken down into three main categories. Mating One of the main reasons bugs communicate is to locate and identify members of the opposite species and to facilitate a courtship or mating ritual. Predatory Often, bugs communicate to deceive or mimic predators and to express threat or submission.  Similarly, they also communicate to...
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Man's Worst Enemy